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Business Checking Accounts

We take pride in building long term relationships by helping businesses succeed.  We do that by offering a variety of business checking accounts and products to service the needs of both large and small businesses, from corporations to non-profit groups to sole proprietors.

Free Business Checking

This account requires no monthly minimum balance and the first 500 transactions are free. (Transactions include deposits, items deposited, checks paid, ACH debits/credits, wire transfers, web banking transfers, web bill payments, and ATM/Debit card transactions.) Web Banking & Bill Payment, 24 Hour Phone Link and business debit card are included - free of charge.

Commercial Checking

This is an excellent choice for high transaction volume accounts and accounts that maintain large balances. Costs may be fully or partially eliminated by an earnings credit based on your daily collected balance. Your earnings credit is set periodically by management. In addition, you may also choose to open a high-interest Money Market Deposit Account or Clipper Ship Savings Account and transfer extra cash to earn interest, while keeping funds completely liquid for transferring back to your checking through our 24-Hour Phone Link: (888) 767-0046 or via Essex Web Banking.

Free Non-Profit Checking – 501(C)(3)

This account is a great solution for 501(C)(3) organizations.  There is no minimum balance required and there are no transaction fees for checks written or deposits made. We want to help non-profits succeed.

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