Our History

Essex Savings Bank is one of the oldest banks in the United States

A Safe Harbor

The year was 1851. Millard Fillmore was president of the United States. Much of the West was still a wild frontier. The Connecticut River, in its heyday, was the center for ship building and international commerce. Majestic sloops and schooners plied the waters of the river on their way to Long Island Sound, the gateway to the Atlantic and to the China trades.

That year, a group of forward-thinking shipmasters, businessmen and entrepreneurs gathered together seeking to form a bank that would provide a safe harbor for their fortunes and a financial resource for members of the local communities. The first meeting of the corporators of the newly named Essex Savings Bank was held July 30, 1851, and the bank opened for business one week later on August 6. The first deposit book was issued to Susan Pratt with an entry of $150.00.

A Vital Part of the Community

Through the years, Essex Savings Bank has played a vital part in the lives of those in the communities we serve. We’ve taken pride in helping our customers build their homes, educate their children and create livelihoods that contribute to the prosperity of the Connecticut River Valley.

A Full Complement of Financial Products and Services

Today Essex Savings Bank offers a full complement of financial products and services including business banking, trust and investment services. Through the years, we’ve never lost sight of our forefathers’ goal — a commitment to personal relationships.

Over 170 Years

More than a century and a half has passed and we have never wavered from that promise. We continue our long heritage as a mutual savings bank, a non-public organization with a far-reaching vision for our customers and the communities we serve. Our Community Investment Program, which returns up to 10 percent of our net income to non-profits, is a testament to our commitment.