Electronic Banking

Bank from your computer or mobile device.

Overdraft Protection & Wire Transfers

Enjoy peace of mind with overdraft protection from your savings account. It's free to sign up, and there's a low $3.00 fee per transfer. And, with wire transfers available to all Essex Savings Bank customers, you can transfer funds nationwide and internationally. Fees apply.

Transfer Funds

Transferring funds from your Online Bank Account is easy and there are so many ways to do it.

External Transfers allows you to send funds to or from your accounts at other financial institutions.
Internal Transfers enables transferring funds from an Essex Savings Bank account to others individuals and organizations (should we say “businesses” instead of organizations) within Essex Savings Bank.
NEW – Pay a Person lets consumers send payments from their Essex Savings Bank account directly to another individual.  All that is needed is the recipient’s email address or cell phone number.

ACH Payment Services

Essex Savings Bank customers can enjoy payroll direct deposit, electronic collection of dues, tuition, charitable contributions, premiums, rental fees and more! Businesses can save significant fees by collecting funds through the ACH. Fees are reduced through ACH vs. merchant credit card exhange fees, as well as from bank service charges on returned ACH items vs. returned checks. Clearing time is quick, and wire transfer fees can be avoided.

Essex Savings Bank offers businesses the advantage of initiating these ACH transactions on their own time, at their convenience and from any computer using our online-based solution, Business ACH Payment Headquarters.

Using Business ACH Payment Headquarters, individual payments are entered and directly scheduled through our secure online portal, or larger files may be exported from your business accounting software and uploaded securely to the portal for processing.

For more information, call Commercial Lender Diane Arnold NMLS #447671 at (860) 767-4414 x248.