Personal Checking

We offer a variety of accounts to fit the needs of our customers.

NOW Checking

NOW Checking accounts are interest bearing accounts with a low $1,500 minimum balance requirement to avoid service charges, plus all the benefits of free checking.

BankOn Checking

Provides financial access safely and affordably.

Customers receive free online banking, free mobile banking, free electronic bill payment access as no paper checks are offered with this account, no overdraft fees and all ATM transaction fees assessed in a statement cycle will be rebated to the account the following statement cycle.

All this and more at a low monthly fee of $5.

Flagship Checking

These accounts require a $10,000 minimum balance to avoid statement fees, and have tiered interest rates, plus all the benefits of free checking.

Money Market Checking

Money Market Checking accounts have a premium annual percentage yield, require a $2,500 minimum balance per statement cycle. They allow for six transactions per statement cycle (preauthorized withdrawals, automatic or telephone transfers, checks, drafts and credit card transactions to third parties).

Other fees may apply to all of our personal checking accounts.